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Medical Services and Warfare

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Explore multiple perspectives on the history of injury, treatment and disease on the front line.

Medical Services and Warfare presents military, scientific, professional and personal perspectives on medicine during conflicts across North America and Europe from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. Students and scholars can research medical developments including x-rays, plastic surgery and artificial limbs, with a focus on rehabilitation, nursing and the psychological toll of war. Highlights include the personal correspondence of Florence Nightingale, diaries of VADs, hospital records and literature from the Red Cross.

Focusing on medical advances across conflicts, the resource includes documents from the Crimean War, the second Boer War, the American Civil War, the First World War and inter- and post-war periods. Through analogous hospital records, medical reports and first-hand accounts, users can chart the progress of scientific advances informed by the experience of war.

KEY THEMES include

  • Surgery, Disability and Mental Health
  • Rehabilitation
  • Public Health, Welfare and Reform
  • Hospital Care, Nursing and Sanitation
  • Ambulance Systems and Medical Evacuation
  • Medical Developments and Equipment
  • Women at War