Archive partnerships

We are proud to work with many of the world’s leading libraries, archives and research institutions to make their materials available online to the scholarly community.

We collaborate with a diverse range of institutions to elevate undiscovered and underrepresented historical sources in their collections. The projects AM commissions allow many of our partners to reinvest in their collections, helping to expand and preserve their physical archive for future generations.

I’m often asked how we go about putting one of our projects together. The answer is that every project is unique and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ template. Many of our products bring sources together from multiple archives, and it is always tremendously exciting to see material from disparate physical locations coming together online. During the course of our projects our Development Editors will make many visits to our partner archives, and always physically review every document to ensure its suitability and condition for digitisation. Our partners really appreciate this hands-on approach, and we in turn love spending time in their archives and really getting to know the source content.Martha FoggManaging Director, AM