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Adam Matthew publishes unique primary source collections from archives around the world.

Our award winning collections span the social sciences and humanities and cover a multitude of topics ranging from Medieval manuscripts and Victorian moving images to ephemera from the 1960s and confidential government documents.

We collaborate with leading libraries and academics to produce powerful research and dynamic teaching collections for universities, colleges and libraries – our editorial mission is to enhance any learning environment.

Adam Matthew celebrate completion of landmark Mass Observation Online

Adam Matthew today announced that UKSG 2015 delegates will be offered free access to the complete Mass Observation Archive. Adam Matthew continues to celebrate the completion of Mass Observation Online – a landmark digital project with the University of Sussex and seven years in development – throughout 2015. UKSG delegates visiting Adam Matthew’s booth 79-80 will receive 30-day free access to one of the most unique archives available for the study of Social History in the 20th century, quoted

Britain's Banished Men

BBC Two’s newest period drama Banished sheds light on the lives of the first penal colony established in Australia. The likes of Russell Tovey, Julian Rhind-Tutt, and MyAnna Buring portray the lives of convicts and soldiers trying to serve their time and get by in the wilds of New South Wales. Life seems incredibly brutal in this environment and one would imagine the real lives of the first convicts and soldiers would have been terribly difficult.

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