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ONE OF THE LARGEST COLLECTIONS OF TRADE CATALOGUES IN AMERICA DIGITISED FOR INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH Explore the shaping of the United States throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with Trade Catalogues and the American Home. A new digitised collection of highly visual trade catalogues, cards and marketing ephemera illustrating the rise of the American dream and evolution of commercial tastes and consumer trends between 1850-1950. Students and scholars now have the

The Magnetic Mountain: Building Socialism in Magnitogorsk

The famed Soviet city of Magnitogorsk was founded in 1929 and built upon an expanse of iron rich land towards the southern edge of the Urals. The city, which was modelled after its American counterpart in Gary, Indiana, became the largest steel plant in the world. Magnitogorsk came to embody the guiding principles of the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary experiment in Russia; namely through ideas pinched from the European Enlightenment and subsequent French Revolution of both a rational social order

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