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EXTENSIVE COVERAGE OF JAPAN’S ASCENT TO THE RANK OF A GLOBAL SUPERPOWER (Marlborough, UK – Wednesday 16th August 2017) Providing significant insight into the events between First World War victory and Second World War defeat, Foreign Office Files for Japan, 1919-1952 offers access to formally restricted government documents presenting a unique vantage point into a globally unstable political climate. Sourced from The National Archives, UK, thousands of digitised pages of diplomatic dispatches,

HTR: Introducing AI as an aid to manuscript research in Adam Matthew

Adam Matthew Digital is the first primary source publisher to utilise Artificial Intelligence to offer transformative search capabilities with Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) technology, which we will be showcasing in the third module of our Matthew’s award-winning resource Colonial America: The American Revolution. Whilst the vast selection of material covering the American Revolutionary period in this collection was sure to pique many a budding American history enthusiast’s interest, this new

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