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Discover the work of the Race Relations Department based at Fisk University, a highly influential think tank which emerged as a centre of scholarly investigation and public conversation on civil rights in the twentieth century. The extensive records of the Department, housed at the Amistad Research Center, are available now in Race Relations in America, a new online collection from Adam Matthew. Presenting fascinating speeches, reports, surveys and analyses, the resource sheds light on the Civil

The Wagner-Rogers Bill

Jewish Life in America makes available the papers of Marion E. Kenworthy, who with the Non-Sectarian Committee for German Refugee Children lobbied the US Government to pass the Wagner-Rogers Bill. U.S Senator Robert Wagner and Congresswomen Edith Rogers introduced legislation to admit 20,000 German Jewish Children to the United States outside America’s strict immigration quotas, in a bid to provide an escape from the abhorrent treatment being received in Nazi Germany.

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