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Adam Matthew publishes unique primary source collections from archives around the world.

Our award winning collections span the social sciences and humanities and cover a multitude of topics ranging from Medieval manuscripts and Victorian moving images to ephemera from the 1960s and confidential government documents.

We collaborate with leading libraries and academics to produce powerful research and dynamic teaching collections for universities, colleges and libraries – our editorial mission is to enhance any learning environment.

American Consumer Culture: Market Research and American Business

Adam Matthew are delighted to announce the launch of their latest resource, American Consumer Culture: Market Research and American Business, 1935-1965. This truly unique collection showcases the market research reports and supporting documents of Ernest Dichter, the era’s foremost consumer analyst and market research pioneer, which are held at the Hagley Museum and Library in Delaware. Ernest Dichter (1907-1991) was an Austrian emigré who in 1946 established his own consulting firm for

Hate Mail for Old Abe Lincoln

This letter from a man called Pete Muggins to Abraham Lincoln, responding to Lincoln’s recent election to the office of US President in 1860, reveals to us that hate mail and trolling are far from a modern phenomenon.

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