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Adam Matthew publishes unique primary source collections from archives around the world.

Our award winning collections span the social sciences and humanities and cover a multitude of topics ranging from Medieval family life and Victorian medicine to 1960s pop culture and global politics.

We collaborate with leading libraries and academics to produce powerful research and dynamic teaching collections for universities, colleges and libraries – our editorial mission is to enhance any learning environment.

Call for guest bloggers

Adam Matthew invites academics, scholars, librarians and professionals working within the fields of social sciences and/or humanities, who would be interested in contributing to the company blog, to get in touch. The Adam Matthew blog has, so far, focused on the internal musings of colleagues on various Adam Matthew collections and travel, specifically taking an 'Object of the Week' approach for editorial staff working with current and forthcoming digital collections. Adam Matthew would now

Escape from Spandau Prison

Migration to New Worlds: A Century of Immigration reminds me of a photo-mosaic. The resource sweeps across several cultures, tens of decades and thousands of miles to explore the mass migration of peoples in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, but this rich narrative is actually comprised of a multitude of stories of the individuals, families and communities that decided to up sticks and ship themselves off to a whole new life.

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