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ADAM MATTHEW DIGITAL ANNOUNCES FULL-TEXT SEARCH TECHNOLOGY TO BE RELEASED WITHIN ITS DIGITAL MANUSCRIPT COLLECTIONS FOR TEACHING AND RESEARCH (Marlborough, UK – Thursday 14th September 2017) Adam Matthew Digital is the first primary source publisher to utilise artificial intelligence to offer transformative search capabilities with Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) for its manuscript collections. The first new collection available with this enhancement is Colonial America, Module III: The

16,306 Convicts

Between 1788 and 1868, the British government transported more than 160,000 convicts to Australia. A popular punishment since the early seventeenth century, transportation was second in severity only to execution. Following the War of Independence, however, the defeated Crown could no longer banish undesirable elements of society to their American colonies. Conditions in overcrowded gaols and prison hulks began to deteriorate following the outbreak of war, and continued to slide until some bright

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