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Harness the latest technology to provide exceptional search, discovery and accessibility.

Build engaging collection sites and curate your own digital exhibitions. Bring historical documents to life without compromising on user experience.

Universities and colleges

Showcase your digital collections with AM Quartex to unlock their full research value and promote user experience.

Public libraries, museums and archives

As a cultural lifeline for your community, your AM Quartex repository documents lives, places and events.

Corporate heritage

AM Quartex enables you to create visually dynamic digital archives charting your organisation's brand and history.

AM’s landmark open access portal First Folios Compared presents 47 digitised editions of Shakespeare’s First Folio for side-by-side comparison.

Discover how AM Quartex showcases digitised assets and contextual information in the context of this iconic publication.

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Some of the organisations we work with

AM Quartex enables libraries and archives to powerfully showcase, share and celebrate their archival materials.

Developed by AM to present our own primary source collections, Quartex is an easy to use and quick to implement digital collections platform.

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