Solution partners

We work with independent software vendors, technical integrators and service providers to enhance our overall offering to libraries, archives and heritage organisations. Partnerships extend our mutual capabilities, allowing us to deliver software applications and technology infrastructure to meet evolving customer needs.

Asset integration


Institutions using Kaltura's video cloud platform can now surface this content in Quartex, using the first of our new series of technology integrations.

Already being used by Quartex partners, our integration requires no APIs or developer time and prevents you from having to upload and manage duplicate files in multiple systems, saving you both time and money.

Our Kaltura integration will enrich the scope of your digital collections and make it easier for users to discover and research your content.

Data clean-up

Standardising your data is always a good idea, but this can be done using external tools or with bulk and overwrite functionality available in AM Quartex. We can consult with you on what might be the best approach for your needs. 

If you need support with data clean-up, we can offer you a more hands-on approach with one of our long-standing partners.

Backstage Library Works

Backstage Library Works has over thirty years’ experience in creating and enhancing metadata to unlock its full potential and has supported many of our own primary source collections.

Digital Divide Data

Digital Divide Data converts millions of pages every year from analog to digital and has over 20 years of experience working with historical content on behalf of cultural heritage organisations. Digital Divide Data has now partnered with AM to make its skills and resources more easily available to users of AM Quartex.


If your existing digital images could be enhanced or you have materials awaiting digitisation, we can support you through our relationships with digitisation partners across the world.

Africa Media Online

Africa Media Online operates a "digital trade route" training African organisations and institutions in how to build a digital archive and assisting them to digitise their collections, process their born-digital collections, preserve those digital files over the long-term, and present them to their audience including, where appropriate, licensing of visual materials from African collections, contributing to their sustainability. Their digitisation service provides non-destructive preservation-quality digitisation that meets international standards such as Metamorfose, FADGI and the ISO standard.

Africa Media Online works with AM Quartex to represent their digital repository system to African organisations and institutions.

Africa Media Online


Innovative Document Imaging (IDI) is one of our key digitisation partners, supporting us with our own primary source collections as well as working with AM Quartex customers to provide a professional and responsible digitisation service for all content types.


Microform offers specialist document scanning and heritage digitisation services for the careful preservation of historic, precious and rare archival materials.

Using the latest technologies, Microform and AM Quartex combine to provide cutting-edge digitisation and presentation services, with advanced search, discovery and display capabilities.




Preservica is changing the way organisations future-proof and access critical long-term digital information by ensuring that content remains searchable, findable and readable - enabling companies to drive innovation, confidently meet compliance and legal requirements and safeguard digital content of unique cultural and brand importance. Preservica's world-leading cloud-hosted (SaaS) active digital preservation software is trusted by a rapidly growing global customer base, from major corporations, to government bodies, and iconic cultural institutions.

Through our integration with Preservica, AM Quartex customers can enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of secure, compliant yet accessible preservation of digitised assets and the cutting-edge search and discovery functionality only available through Quartex. Talk to us to discuss a partnership with our two market-leading services.




Engage the public with your collections through crowdsourcing with FromThePage. Designed for archives and libraries, FromThePage's crowdsourcing platform hosts a community of over 5,000 passionate, detail-oriented volunteers who transcribe, correct, index, and describe historical documents.

Integrated with AM Quartex, crowdsourced transcription can improve your material's accessibility and supercharge your institution’s outreach.