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  • Thumbnail for 1980s Culture and Society
    1980s Culture and Society

    Directly compare official records with popular sources to explore the political and social issues of the decade.

  • Thumbnail for Africa and the New Imperialism: European Borders on the African Continent, 1870-1914
    Africa and the New Imperialism: European Borders on the African Continent, 1870-1914

    Study military conflicts, political and diplomatic rivalries, exploration, Christian missions, technological advancements, slavery and encounters between European colonisers and African communities during this major period of colonial expansion.

  • Thumbnail for African American Communities
    African American Communities

    From communal struggle to creative outpourings: uncover the everyday lives of African Americans spanning two turbulent centuries.

  • Thumbnail for Age of Exploration
    Age of Exploration

    Explore five centuries of journeys across the globe, scientific discoveries, the expansion of European colonialism, conflict over territories and trade routes and decades-long search and rescue attempts in this multi-archive collection dedicated to the history of exploration.

  • Thumbnail for America in World War Two: Oral Histories and Personal Accounts
    America in World War Two: Oral Histories and Personal Accounts

    The stories of American military personnel and civilians during the Second World War through their oral histories, correspondence, diaries, photographs, artefacts and military records. This digital resource offers an insight into the personal experiences of those involved in the conflict, both on the United States home front and on deployment overseas in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Pacific, China, Burma and India.

  • Thumbnail for American History, 1493-1945
    American History, 1493-1945
    The digital archive of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, which holds one of the outstanding collections on American History. It is full of spectacular individual items, but it also has rich veins of manuscript research material. This makes it ideal for teaching survey courses on American History, but equally valuable as a platform for undergraduate essay work and postgraduate research.
  • Thumbnail for American Indian Histories and Cultures
    American Indian Histories and Cultures
    17th to mid-20th century

    From early contacts between European settlers and American Indians and the subsequent political, social and cultural effects of those encounters on American Indian life, these materials tell both the historical and the personal stories of the colonisation of the Americas. 

  • Thumbnail for American Indian Newspapers
    American Indian Newspapers
    1828-2016 (bulk of material from 1970-2016)
    Discover North American Indigenous journalism spanning two centuries with this major digital resource. Featuring publications from a range of communities, with an extensive list of periodicals produced in the United States and Canada, including Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Nevada and Oklahoma, from 1828 to 2016.
  • Thumbnail for American West
    American West
    Early 18th to mid-20th century

    Comprised of original manuscripts, rare printed books, maps and ephemeral material from the Everett D Graff Collection of Western Americana at the Newberry Library in Chicago, American West is a source for the study of westward US expansion from the 18th to the 20th century. Including documents from 1718-1968, it has tales of frontier life, Native Americans, vigilantes and outlaws, as well as evidence of the growth of urban centres, the environmental impact of westward expansion and life in the borderlands.

  • Thumbnail for Amnesty International Archives: A Global Movement for Human Rights
    Amnesty International Archives: A Global Movement for Human Rights

    Explore the rise of the global human rights movement during the second half of the twentieth century through the International Secretariat records of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Amnesty International.

  • Thumbnail for Apartheid South Africa, 1948-1980
    Apartheid South Africa, 1948-1980
    British Government documents on the subject of South Africa during the first 32 years of the Apartheid regime.
  • Thumbnail for Area Studies: China and Southeast Asia
    Area Studies: China and Southeast Asia
    A varied array of records of traders, travellers, missionaries and diplomats, offering Western perspectives on many aspects of Chinese culture and society.
  • Thumbnail for Area Studies: India
    Area Studies: India
    A vital resource for the study of Empire, the British Raj, and the history, culture and literature of the Indian subcontinent
  • Thumbnail for Area Studies: Japan
    Area Studies: Japan
    A wide range of sources - from writers, diplomats, tourists, businessmen, missionaries and others - documenting the political, cultural and social history of Japan.
  • Thumbnail for British Newsreels, 1911-1930: Culture and Society on Film
    British Newsreels, 1911-1930: Culture and Society on Film

    This exciting new video resource comprises around 7,000 early twentieth century Topical Budget newsreels drawn from British Film Institute and Imperial War Museums.

  • Thumbnail for Broadcasting America: The Rise of Mass Media and Communications
    Broadcasting America: The Rise of Mass Media and Communications

    Explore the history of twentieth century broadcasting in America through the papers of early pioneer, David Sarnoff, and the Radio Corporation of America.

  • Thumbnail for Business, Economic and Labour History
    Business, Economic and Labour History
    1875 - 1970

    A range of important sources from Britain and America, covering key subjects within this field including a complete run of The Stock Exchange Official Year-Book for 1875-1945.

  • Thumbnail for Central Asia, Persia and Afghanistan, 1834-1922
    Central Asia, Persia and Afghanistan, 1834-1922

    Official British government records relating to the region, from the decline of the Silk Road, through the diplomatic confrontation between the British and Russian Empires known as the “Great Game”, to the influence of the emergent Soviet Union in the 20th century.

  • Thumbnail for Children's Literature and Culture
    Children's Literature and Culture

    A collection of rare books, games, ephemera and artwork from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that reveals the socio-cultural history of these times. Showcasing innovative new publishing methods characteristic of the golden age of children’s literature, from mass-produced chapbooks to richly illustrated ‘book-beautifuls’, this resource examines the way in which new concepts were introduced to young readers, encouraging an engagement with the imagination which went on to fundamentally shape established notions of childhood.

  • Thumbnail for China, America and the Pacific
    China, America and the Pacific
    18th and early 20th century

    Covering the 18th and 19th centuries, China, America and the Pacific provides primary source materials for the study of the history of North American trade and cultural exchange with China. This collection also provides coverage of China’s and the United States' economic dealings with the whole of East Asia and the Pacific.

  • Thumbnail for China: Culture and Society
    China: Culture and Society
    Mid 18th to early 20th century

    Spanning three centuries (c1750-1929), this digital collection makes available for the first time extremely rare pamphlets from the Charles W Wason Collection on East Asia, at Cornell University Library; one of the oldest and most distinctive collections of its kind, and a very rich source for research on China.

  • Thumbnail for China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980
    China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980
    Late 18th to late 20th century
    With documents encompassing events from the earliest English embassy to the birth and early years of the People’s Republic, this resource collects sources from nine archives to give an incredible insight into the changes in China during the period of 1793-1980.
  • Thumbnail for Church Missionary Society Archive
    Church Missionary Society Archive
    A repository of source materials on the work of this globally influential organisation, founded in 1799 as an Anglican evangelical movement and still active today. It includes records of both the CMS and the many other missionary societies which have become associated or amalgamated with it over its lifetime.
  • Thumbnail for Church Missionary Society Periodicals
    Church Missionary Society Periodicals
    Discover two hundred years of worldwide missionary history. This online portal makes available periodicals from the Church Missionary Society Archive, a vital collection for students, researchers and teachers of missiology and world Christianity. It also contains valuable material on wider themes in global history, in particular the history of global education, healthcare and medicine.