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With AM Explorer, new collections are added to your subscription every year. In this on-demand webinar the AM Academic Engagement team discuss the highlights for 2023.

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Interwar Culture, Module I

The periodicals showcased in Module I reflect the social, artistic and culture dynamism that characterised the Roaring Twenties in fashion, music, literature, dance and entertainment, as well as post-war intellectual thought and modernism.

Life at Sea: Seafaring in the Anglo-American Maritime World, 1600-1900

This exciting resource brings together unique primary sources drawn from world-class maritime archives and heritage collections. Reflecting current trends in Maritime history, this resource takes a sociocultural approach.

Victorians on Film: Entertainment, Innovation and Everyday Life

Capturing a unique view of the lives of Victorians at the dawn of cinema, from workers at the factory gates to royalty and other dignitaries,these films showcase the inventiveness and artistry of the medium's pioneers in its earliest stages.

Introducing AM Explorer to students

In this case study, Jeff Liszka from Trinity College, Connecticut, and Dr Hope Williard from the University of Lincoln, share their experiences with course integration, collection promotion, and building student confidence with primary sources available through AM Explorer.

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