Collection Sales

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Photo of Ben Cartwright

Ben Cartwright

Executive Director, North American Sales

Photo of Alicia Sell

Alicia Sell

Associate Director, North American Sales

Photo of Meredith Godby

Meredith Godby

Senior Regional Sales and Operations Manager

Photo of Aerin Bowers

Aerin Bowers

Head of Sales, Canada

Photo of Liz Stringer

Liz Stringer

Regional Sales Manager

Photo of Oliver Hill

Oliver Hill

Consortia Relations Project Manager

Photo of Anthony Varas

Anthony Varas

Regional Sales Partner, Southeast

Photo of Emma McTavish

Emma McTavish

Regional Sales Associate, Canada

Photo of Jessica Fulton

Jessica Fulton

Regional Sales Associate, North America

Photo of Zora Stanik

Zora Stanik

Regional Sales Associate, North America

Photo of Stephan Simmons

Stephan Simmons

Regional Sales Associate, North America

Rest of the World

Photo of Oliver Stacy

Oliver Stacy

Executive Director, International Sales

Photo of Nia Phillips

Nia Phillips

Head of Sales, EMEA

Photo of Catherine Berry

Catherine Berry

Business Development Manager, EMEA

Photo of Natasha Copus

Natasha Copus

Senior Business Development Executive, EMEA

Photo of Matt Bell

Matt Bell

Business Development Executive, Australia and New Zealand

Photo of Bethan Webber

Bethan Webber

Business Development Associate, EMEA

Photo of Anna Guo

Anna Guo

Library Sales Executive, China