Digitising physical archives

Successful digitisation projects are central to the creation of AM resources. Our processes and specifications are the result of decades of experience working with archives and digitisation vendors.

We approach projects with the dual aim of achieving high quality images and ensuring absolute care and attention is paid to the condition and handling of unique, historic collections. Our Digitisation team works closely with both Editorial Development and Production, to gain a deep understanding of the physical material in every project, and to liaise with archives on handling, conservation requirements, and logistics of the digitisation process.

Preserving your archive

Understanding that physical preservation of archival material is paramount, we liaise closely with the archive to determine conservation needs and requirements in preparation for the digitisation process.

We have a deep understanding of the complex handling requirements of archival material and provide regular staff training on conservation methods and best practices. During collection assessments, we compile condition notes that can support the archive in their conservation assessment and helps to inform necessary handling techniques and digitisation equipment.

Experts in high-end digitisation

AM has strong relationships with specialist digitisation partners around the world and considers the most suitable vendors based on the requirements for each project. Our partner vendors are experts in high-end digitisation techniques and are skilled at handling sensitive and fragile, historic material. An array of scanning and photographic equipment is used across our vendors, suitable for specialist heritage capture and complying with industry standards to offer exceptional image quality.

Working with the heritage community

Our digitisation specialists are fully engaged with industry standards and innovations in the field of heritage digitisation. In addition to keeping abreast of vendor activity, we are part of interest groups and forums, to increase our understanding of current practices, evolving techniques and recommended efficiencies, and attend conferences by leading cultural heritage experts.