Creating an AM resource

Strong partnerships are at the heart of our resources. We work with curators, archivists, conservators, licensing teams and collection heads to understand the content and nuance of every archive we digitise.

We build a bespoke editorial board of experts and scholars for each project and ask key stakeholders in the library community to offer feedback on our early project ideas. Enlisting this advice is crucial to developing resources that meet the needs of the student and academic community we aim to serve.

Spending time in the archives

Many of our publications are thematic in scope and contain content from multiple archives around the world. Others focus on a single collection. In every case, time spent in the archive is paramount to the creation of a resource. 

From understanding the history, suitability and relevance of the content to mapping the physical structure, and condition of the collections, our approach centres on deep engagement with the primary sources and the people who preserve, catalogue, and protect them. 

Highlighting undiscovered narratives

We take time to create and commission contextual pieces that help to situate and familiarise the user with the wealth of primary source content in each archive; from interactive maps to geo-locate geographically diverse material, to glossaries, chronologies and biographies for reference, and academic essays and video interviews for a deeper understanding of the themes and research topics. 

Our digital databases allow for greater search and browsability. We harness the latest technology to bring previously hidden, undiscovered narratives and resources to the fore, as well as taking a thorough and considered approach to the metadata we add to each document.

Digitising the Stationers' Company archive