Copyright and your content

At AM, we understand that many creators make a collection. Our copyright and permissions experts are committed to engaging with, compensating, and crediting, original creators of unique and important primary source material.

The work of the copyright team is embedded in the development of our resources. We review and assess archive collections when a project is envisioned and continue to work alongside AM editors and our archive partners on research, outreach and clearance of copyrighted content through to publication.

Copyright clearance

Our experienced team are fully focused on copyright clearance, taking the pressure off our archive partners. We produce tailored plans for individual collections and develop exciting connections with rightsholders who contribute to the award-winning primary source products we publish. 

We recognise that archives’ existing relationships with donors are paramount and have frequent conversations with partners to ensure our work will align with their expectations.

Working with the archival community

We are alert to the complexities and sensitivities that might arise from publishing archival material and are committed to designing practices that are fair and respectful of creative communities. We regularly attend copyright conferences, research changes to international IP laws and enlist advice from academic and archival communities. 

We are proud of our work with rightsholders, as well as their estates, commercial companies, agencies, and family members. If you'd like to find out more about what we do, discuss a licensing opportunity, or ensure your work has been correctly identified, get in touch.