When will X Product be available on Discovery Service Y?

Currently we’re retrospectively revamping our entire MARC catalogue to ensure that records are available at a document level and in greater detail for library catalogues and discovery products

Update Summer 2020 – Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we're likely to see delays in MARC delivery for the following collections:

  • Medical Services and Warfare, 1928 – 1949 (module 2)
  • Early Modern England
  • Poverty, Philanthropy and Social Conditions
  • Mass Observation Project
  • Research Source: Business, Economic and Labour History

How are your MARC records produced?

We endeavor to build MARC records for every individual document in every Adam Matthew collection. In order to produce MARC sets in a timely manner, we use an automated template to produce document-level records. In addition to this, we do produce full, manual records for serials, monographs and umbrella records for each collection.

How much material can students download? Are there limits?

If your library have purchased perpetual access to a collection, there are no download limits for authorized users.

Do you have case studies on how to use your collections?

You can find a range of case studies on using our collections in teaching and research on our website.

What is the copyright situation for the images in collections?

The copyright holders for each collection varies. You can read more about a collection’s copyright status and how you can use materials from the site in the ‘Terms of Use’ of any site, located in the ‘Help’ section.

What is your compliance with accessibility frameworks/legislation?

All of our collection sites have a VPAT 508 report and meet compliance with current ADA and CDA legislation. You can find full VPAT audits in the Help section of every collection.

How do I find out about usage/are you counter compliant?

You will find COUNTER 5 statistics for each purchased or trialed collection at counter.amdigital.co.uk. Your login details are given to library staff by our Support team when access is arranged or details requested.

How can I access Adam Matthew Outreach services?

All of our Outreach services are complimentary following purchase of an Adam Matthew collection. You can read more about the services and support options available here.

How do I embed documents in Learning Management Systems?

All our documents, contextual pages and interactive tools have durable URLs allowing for link embedding into LMS platforms such as Blackboard or Moodle. Make sure you’re using the appropriate proxied URLs to ensure off-campus access is seamless. Speak to your library to find out more.

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