Public libraries, museums and archives

As a cultural lifeline for your community, your repository documents lives, places, and events. It’s vital that your patrons can access and study these treasures digitally, as easily as they can in person.

Create and publish individual digital collections and build more at scale. Launch your site with a single collection that celebrates a significant local milestone or release a suite of cultural heritage collections that showcase your community’s past and actively engage contributors in documenting its present.

Dynamic engagement

Engage your community with visually dynamic digital collections sites and exhibits that celebrate local milestones.

Showcase transcriptions

Showcase oral histories with automatic, editable and searchable transcriptions and closed captions. Invite further contributions of memories and assets to create living archives.

Promote discovery

Promote discovery and access with powerful search and display features, and enable users to bookmark assets for easy reference with My Account.

Create a destination, not just a digital collection

Quartex offers you much more than a website for your digital collections. It provides you with an engagement tool that brings you closer to the people you serve.

Public libraries, museums and archives are using Quartex in creative ways to open meaningful dialogues with their communities. 

Harris County Public Library

"Exhibits have allowed us to create a lovely, personal and emotional connection between the community and the collections."

Sonoma County Library

"With Quartex, all of our local digital projects [...] can finally be in one place and that has been our goal for many years."

Improving access to New England's Congregational history

For more than a decade, the Congregational Library & Archives (CLA) has been on a journey to digitise and transcribe the records of Colonial and Early American Era Congregational churches and Congregationalists as part of its New England's Hidden Histories project. 

With AM Quartex, these 170 collections, containing more than 4,000 individual items - and a new digital exhibit - are more accessible and easier to find than ever before, as archivist Zachary Bodnar reveals.

Some of the organisations we work with