Corporate heritage

Publishing selected documents in a digitised, open access corporate archive allows you to tell your organisation’s story in a curated way.

Digital collections allow you to highlight key milestones and showcase the evolution of your brand, market offerings and community outreach over time. Where corporate archives exist and are maintained, the ability to publicly tell your organisation’s story can be a key factor in achieving consumer trust, competitive advantage and commercial success.

Bring assets to life

Tell your organisation’s story and explore specific themes with digital exhibits featuring assets from across your archive.

Enrich your collection

Create an asset repository for legal, accounting, advertising or PR purposes, and enrich your collection with assets and memories from customers and past employees.

Promote access

Promote discovery and access with powerful search and display features, and enable users to bookmark assets for easy reference with My Account.

Your corporate archive, customised to your needs

Quartex enables you to create visually dynamic and easy to explore digital archives, whether printed text, images, manuscripts or audio-visual files.

Quartex can be significantly customised to your needs, both in the administrative interface and at the front-end, where your published sites can be styled to replicate your corporate branding.

What our customers say

Quartex customers from across the globe reveal what they love about the platform and why they chose it to build and showcase their digital collections. 

They also discuss how their Quartex site has met or exceeded expectations, especially in terms of the response from their diverse user communities, and the role which Quartex will play in the future development of their digital archives.