Explore the turbulent and culturally dynamic interwar period of the Roaring Twenties in the first module of Adam Matthew’s interdisciplinary periodicals collection - Interwar Culture

21 March 2022

Published product

The first module, available now, showcases material that reflected the social, artistic, and cultural dynamism that characterised the Roaring Twenties.

Interwar Culture, 1919-1929  features complete runs of popular and lesser-known periodicals that reflect everyday life and society on both sides of the Atlantic, from entertainment and technology to relationships and current affairs.

The highly visual material provides a rich insight into a wide range of themes and events that reflect this turbulent period including women winning the vote in the United States, the formation of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), the Irish War of Independence, the Volstead Act, and the first talking pictures.

“Interwar Culture is a delight to explore and an exceptionally valuable resource for everyone interested in the social, cultural, and literary history of the 1920s.  It offers full-text access to 27 British, French, and American magazines that, in my experience, are very difficult to obtain elsewhere. There are so many themes to pursue, from Cubism to cosmetics, and from motoring to motherhood, and users are guided through this rich material by a series of excellent introductory essays and research tools. I find the 'Periodical profiles' particularly useful: they give a wonderful overview of the magazine marketplace of this period.”

Faye Hammill, Professor of English Literature, University of Glasgow

The first module covers the period 1919-1929 while module II, publishing soon, spans 1930-1939. Together the material represents the most extensive periodical resource available covering the interwar years and is vastly interdisciplinary, unlike any other digital collection currently available.

To find out more, visit the collection page: https://www.amdigital.co.uk/primary-sources/interwar-culture