Confidential Print: Latin America, 1833-1969 Available Now!

08 December 2011

“The files in Confidential Print: Latin America offer invaluable, accessible material to researchers engaged in the study of the region"

Professor Colin Lewis

London School of Economics

From the aftermath of Spanish and Portuguese colonialism and post-colonial state-building, to wars, relations with indigenous peoples, slavery, immigration, foreign financial influences and the fitful progress towards democracy, the documents presented in Confidential Print: Latin America offer fundamental research opportunities to students and scholars of 19th and 20th century Latin American history.

Confidential Print: Latin America, 1833-1969 is an Archives Direct project: all collections within this cross-searchable portal are sourced from The National Archives, UK.

The resource will include the following file classes from The National Archives, UK, in their entirety:

  • FO 497/1-10 (South America, 1947-1956)
  • FO 467/1-5 (Brazil, 1947-1951)
  • FO 486/1-10 (Mexico, 1947-1956)
  • FO 533/1-11 (Central America and Caribbean, 1947-1957)
  • FO 420/1-294 (Central and South America, 1833-1941)
  • FO 495/1-10 (River Plate countries (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay), 1947-1956)

The resource will also include selected files from:

  • FO 118/276, 281, 287, 292, 305, 317, 331 (Argentina, 1906-1913)
  • FO 177/297 (Chilean Revolution, 1891)
  • FO 508/8 (South and Central America, 1908-1909)
  • FO 461/14-22 (Americas general, 1958-1969)

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