Church Missionary Society Periodicals Now Available Online

01 April 2015

Adam Matthew today announced the launch of Church Missionary Society Periodicals, sourced from the Church Missionary Society (CMS) collection at the Crowther Mission Studies Library, Oxford.

Encompassing documents from 1804 to 2009, access to this unique material will enable new research opportunities in the fields of missiology and world Christianity, as well as providing a unique perspective on global history and cultural encounters. 

Consultant editor, Professor Phillip A. Cantrell, II (Longwood University, VA, USA) states:

‚ÄúA world history teacher would be challenged to find a more useful primary source material than this.‚ÄĚ

Church Missionary Society Periodicals
provides thousands of pages of published content, including journals, reports, letters and serialised accounts of indigenous peoples, family news including marriages, births and deaths as well as a register of missionaries detailing the movements of men, women and native clergy.

Titles include:

  • The CMS Gleaner (continued as CMS Outlook and then Yes Magazine)

  • The CMS Intelligencer (continued as Church Missionary Review)

  • Ruanda Notes (MAM News)

  • South American Missionary Society Magazine

Founded in 1799, the CMS quickly became a significant agency whose work led to the establishment of Anglican churches across Africa, East and South East Asia, India, the Middle East, North and South America, and New Zealand. As one of the richest sources available on the role of religion and its interaction with the Western and non-Western worlds, the Church Missionary Society Periodicals is a major new resource for research in:

  • Colonialism and Decolonisation

  • Education

  • Medicine and Health

  • Gender and Women‚Äôs Studies

  • Social history

  • Sociology

  • Slavery and Anti-Slavery

  • Evangelism

View Module I during a free 30-minute webinar on April 22nd.

Module II: Medical Journals, Asian Missions and the Historical Record, 1816-1986, is due for release in Spring 2016.