Adam Matthew Digital supporting carbon offset project in Aruba

21 January 2021

The company has begun a new partnership with Climate Partner to direct annual carbon offset contributions to selected projects around the world

Alongside ongoing green initiatives to cut carbon across the business, Adam Matthew Digital is pleased to announce that the company has achieved climate neutral status for 2020, marking the tenth consecutive year the company has offset its carbon emissions.

Climate neutral accreditation means that all emissions generated by the company have been accurately reported and fully compensated through recognised carbon offset projects. To achieve this status, AM Digital undertook several actions:

  • Together with Climate Partner, AM Digital calculated all CO2 emissions across the business – from heating offices to colleague travel
  • Initiatives have been put in place to reduce emissions across the business wherever possible and 100% green energy is procured for the company’s head office
  • All unavoidable emissions are offset through Climate Partner’s internationally recognised carbon offset projects.

The Climate Partner offset project AM Digital has chosen to support, based in Aruba, is the island’s wind farm in Vader Peit. Each year the wind farm generates 126.1 GW hours, up to 15% of Aruba’s total power generation. The project saves 152,783 tonnes of CO2 per year.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and continue to do, to reduce our carbon emissions across the business and to reaffirm our decade-long commitment to carbon offsetting. Through this new partnership with Climate Partner, we can now see the positive results our carbon offset contributions have in support of global projects with quantifiable impact. We look forward to continuing our work with Climate Partner to support their projects all over the world.”

Jennifer Kemp, Deputy Managing Director, Adam Matthew Digital

To find out more about the Vader Peit windfarm project, visit: