Editorial and Copyright

The Editorial team collaborates with archives and libraries to commission resources, working closely with conservation and curatorial staff to manage the digitisation of collections.

Photo of Louise Hemmings

Louise Hemmings

Editorial Director

Photo of Hannah Phillips

Hannah Phillips

Head of Production

Photo of Clare Mence

Clare Mence

Senior Publisher

Photo of Ellie Davey Corrigan

Ellie Davey Corrigan


Photo of Rachael Gardner-Stephens

Rachael Gardner-Stephens


Photo of Claudine Nightingale

Claudine Nightingale


Photo of Sarah Mellowes

Sarah Mellowes

Senior Digitisation Manager

Photo of Jo Perdicchia

Jo Perdicchia

Publisher, Copyright and Permissions

Photo of Megan Kamei

Megan Kamei

Copyright and Permissions Editor

Photo of Leila Alayej

Leila Alayej

Copyright and Permissions Assistant