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How we support Digital Humanities 

Adam Matthew Digital offers over 80 digital primary source collections for research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences. From indigenoujournalism to classified government fileseach collection offers transcriptions and rich collection metadata. This data is available to all researchers and librarians at purchasing institutions.

Adam Matthew Digital data sets have contributed to large-scale, multi-source data mining projects as well as serving as concise single data sets for individual research projects. 

Our Academic Outreach team are here to support any Digital Humanities project interested in using Adam Matthew Digital primary source data. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Watch our recent webinar:

Digital Humanities with Adam Matthew Digital

Join Dr Ben Lacey, Head of Outreach at Adam Matthew Digital, for an overview of how you can use your AM Digital collections for Digital Humanities scholarship.
This webinar provides information on how to request data from the collections for use in text and data mining. There is a case study of one project that used a full-text data set. We also provide examples of how instructors have applied the content of these collections in a more introductory way, focusing on digital presentation of student work.

Watch recording here


Does Adam Matthew Digital allow Text and Data mining?


However, like all usage of our collections, data mining has to conform to the standard requirements in our licence agreement. For example, data and text mining should be carried out by Authorized Users and only for legitimate academic research and other non-commercial educational purposes.

Are there restrictions?

As outlined above, the data from our collections can be used for data and text mining. However, we have additional processes in place to ensure the following:

  • Performance of live collection websites are not damaged for other users by automated data mining software.
  • The data extracted is stored in a secure way that does not risk the availability of that data to unauthorized usage.
In order to ensure these two key elements, we require a written request form to be filled in. You can find a link to this form at the bottom of this page.

How can I access Adam Matthew Digital's collection data?

We provide the data in two different formats.

  • As standard with no permissions:

  • A Data Mining API provides documented API access to the full data set (full text if available but not images) locked down by IP address and API key for security.

  • Subject to approval that the local storage and hosting provision is secure:

    An offline copy of data provided on a hard drive for secure local storage. Under current agreements this is limited to a three-year storage period after which time a renewal can be requested, or, if the project has been completed, the original data (not any research material) deleted.

    Offline data sets can be provided via secure FTP transfer as standard. Subject to discussion, data sets can also be delivered offline via hard drives. Recipients will be responsible for data storage and security as well as hard drive and postal costs.

You can find a full statement on data and text mining with Adam Matthew Digital collections here.


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