AM and Preservica partner to provide best-in-class digital asset management and digital preservation solutions for libraries and archives

AM, a global publisher whose digital collections and technology platforms enrich the study, research and teaching of primary sources, has partnered with Preservica, a global leader in Active Digital Preservation archiving.

The collaboration will result in an integration that enables users of AM's digital collections platform, Quartex, to publish engaging, interactive and accessible digital archives and to effortlessly preserve their collections, including assets and metadata, to prevent loss and degradation using Preservica's Active Digital Preservation technology.

Preservica’s active digital preservation system brings information forward over time, moving files from old formats to current formats, ensuring it remains readable. Preservica’s digital preservation system automatically ensures nothing is lost during transitions through fidelity and fixity of data conversion and keeps all the original files alongside a full audit trail of preservation actions. Additionally, Preservica’s technology supports over 2,000 file formats, allowing libraries to streamline their long-term, high-value digital collections from multiple departments and systems into a single repository for long-term care and choose which assets remain private and which are made publicly available through Quartex.

Together, Preservica and AM Quartex offer libraries a well-rounded digital ecosystem to protect and publish their digital assets.

Best in class modularity of our systems is key to our vision for the digital library at Syracuse University Libraries. By partnering with companies like AM for both our DAMS and the public interface of our digital library and Preservica for our long-term digital preservation needs, we are better able to pinpoint and manage the granular, unique needs of our digital objects and collections for our diverse user constituencies throughout the digital curation lifecycle.

Déirdre Joyce, Head of Digital Stewardship and the Digital Library, Syracuse University

Preservica and AM both serve the global library community and share a growing list of customers, notably within the academic, public library and special library communities.

The integration between Preservica and AM Quartex was really appealing to us as we look to develop our approach to both preservation and access for digital collections simultaneously. Each system offers solutions to different pieces of the puzzle, and ultimately, the integration will ensure we create seamless workflows to support our small team, keeping the user experience at the forefront of our development and working creatively with our stakeholders.

Joanne Fitton, Deputy Director of Libraries, Museums and Galleries, University of Liverpool

Anticipated for release later this year, the teams will actively engage with shared customers to gather feedback and insights, ensuring that the integration evolves to meet their specific needs. This collaborative approach aims to maximise the investment in both systems and deliver a seamless user experience.

Preservica and AM's partnership represents a significant milestone in digital preservation and asset management. It offers enhanced capabilities and value not only to their shared customers but also to organisations seeking to implement a comprehensive digital collections programme. By combining the power of Active Digital Preservation technology with a cutting-edge DAM and website creation system, this collaboration empowers institutions to preserve, manage, and unlock the full potential of their digital collections for researchers, educators and future generations.

To learn more about how Preservica and Quartex complement Syracuse University’s digital collections program, visit the Charleston Hub.

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