Universities and colleges

Showcase your digital collections with Quartex to unlock their full research value and promote user experience.

Your digitised materials and special collections should engage, be accessible and always available to your user communities, whether leadership, faculty, students, or private researchers.

Display your content

Engage your user community with visually dynamic digital collections sites and individually curated digital exhibits.

Promote discovery

Test the power of HTR to enhance site search in manuscript collections and enable users to bookmark assets for easy reference with My Account.

Create new collections

Unite institutional archives and special collections in one easy-to-use platform and collaborate across campus to uncover and showcase hidden archival collections.

A digital collections platform built for academic audiences

Quartex is a flexible and powerful platform yet deceptively simple to use, and built to flex and grow as your digital collections grow and evolve.

It's in our heritage. We developed Quartex to host our own award-winning digital collections which are valued by students and researchers globally. We’re building our own future on Quartex and we believe you should too.

Baylor University

"It's a testament to the usability of the CMS that we were able to just watch a few tutorials and read a little bit of documentation, and just take off and make the site look as good as it looks today."

University of Toronto Mississauga

"Through Quartex, we can now publish our collections on one robust platform, making them discoverable and easy to use."

Migrating 200 collections to better serve researchers' needs 

Rice University's archives, special collections and digitised copies of rare books are now easier to discover than ever before, in a new digital repository built using AM Quartex, chosen for its innovative automated transcription capabilities and the ability to translate non-English content.

Some of the organisations we work with