Open access

Achieve your open access objectives with Quartex, which enables you to publish your digitised archival collections for global audiences.

Give analogue collections the digital profile they deserve, opening up new research opportunities and broader awareness of your library’s holdings, and publish newly digitised materials that enable researchers to critically evaluate accepted knowledge.

Reach new global audiences

Create hybrid or digital-only research experiences for researchers that are unable to visit your physical library or exhibition space.

Fulfil open access objectives or donor conditions

Deliver your institution's open access strategy, or where specific assets or collections have been contributed on the basis of open access, showcase them through Quartex to achieve your donors’ aims.

Restrict access to specific assets or collections

Configurable options enable you to apply access controls where needed, to meet copyright or donor conditions. Choose from IP-based restrictions, username/password or passcode access.

First Folios Compared

Published in 1623, the First Folio brought 36 of Shakespeare’s plays together for the first time. 47 digitised copies of this iconic publication are now available for Shakespeare scholars and enthusiasts to view in First Folios Compared, an open access portal built by AM using Quartex.

We are indebted to 22 institutions around the world which generously contributed digitised copies of First Folios in their keeping in support of the project’s open access objectives.

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First Folios Compared features a unique split-screen viewer, new to Quartex, which facilitates side by side comparison of selected editions. Users can also deploy an IIIF-viewer to compare copies with others that are available online elsewhere.

First Folios Compared is a truly exciting development in the evolution of Quartex and showcases the platform’s capabilities to transform search, display and discovery of archival material.

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