Digital asset management

Quartex is easy to implement and intuitive to use, and supports diverse user needs and workflows, providing a robust and scalable solution to digital asset management and presentation.

Manage digitised assets your way with customisable settings and workflows, and powerful batch editing functionality. Apply access controls to specific assets or collections and easily harvest records externally via OAI-PMH.

Build collections with ease

Simple to configure and use – no specialist IT knowledge required. Cloud-based, fully hosted and accessible by multiple team members working simultaneously.

Bulk upload of assets and metadata

Easily ingest single or multiple assets and metadata with the highly secure Quartex Uploader tool.

Customisable configuration

Promote discoverability with advanced search and filtering, customisable controlled vocabularies, IIIF compatible image viewers and our unique split-screen viewer.

What our customers say

Quartex customers from across the globe reveal what they love about the platform and why they chose it to build and showcase their digital collections. They also discuss how their Quartex site has met or exceeded expectations, especially in terms of the response from their diverse user communities, and the role which Quartex will play in the future development of their digital archives.

How to use metadata-related features in Quartex to create discovery pathways

Digital archives are heavily dependent upon the scope and quality of asset metadata for their usability and searchability. Discover Sonoma County Library’s approach to metadata (including the use of metadata-only records) and how they use features such as controlled vocabularies and their related page types and content elements to facilitate exploration of their living archive.

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