Adam Matthew Celebrate Completion of Landmark Mass Observation Online Project at UKSG Conference

24 March 2015

Adam Matthew today announced that UKSG 2015 delegates will be offered free access to the complete Mass Observation Archive.

Adam Matthew continues to celebrate the completion of Mass Observation Online – a landmark digital project with the University of Sussex and seven years in development – throughout 2015.

UKSG delegates visiting Adam Matthew’s booth 79-80 will receive 30-day free access to one of the most unique archives available for the study of Social History in the 20th century, quoted as “highly recommended” for use by historians, literary scholars, sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists.

Mass Observation Online is comprised of:

  • Diaries of men and women, 1939-1967 – detailed records of the day-to-day lives of respondents during and after World War II
  • The ‘Worktown Collection’ – the first study of ‘working class’ Britain includes a wide selection of photographs by Humphrey Spender
  • Directives, 1939-1955 – responses to questions on race, class, religion, politics, and more
  • Day Surveys, 1937-1938 – diaries recording the events of single days throughout the period
  • File Reports, 1937-1951 – summaries of the findings of Mass Observation studies on subjects from cinema-going, fashion, radio, music, marriage, and more
  • Topic Collections, 1937-1965 – the raw materials behind Mass Observation’s published studies, include questionnaires, interviews and observations as well as ephemera
  • Mass Observation publications 1937-1965 – many now out of print
  • The UKSG conference runs March 30 to April 1, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland.