Academic Engagement

Our dedicated Academic Engagement team help libraries, faculty and students get the most out of their AM collections. 

The team works with instructors all over the world to integrate digitised primary source content into their teaching. From webinars and subject guides to course and research alignment, our product specialists connect you with the relevant content in AM databases to maximise your experience.

Course alignment

We recognise that it can take time to get to know newly acquired e-resources and to understand how they might be useful within specific research and teaching.

We offer a free course and research alignment service connecting you with relevant content from AM titles based on your research or teaching programme.

Digital Humanities

AM offers over 80 digital primary source collections for research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences.

From indigenous journalism to classified government files, each collection offers transcriptions and rich collection metadata. AM data sets have contributed to large-scale, multi-source data mining projects as well as serving as concise single data sets for individual research projects. This data is available to all researchers and librarians at AM customer institutions.

Talk to us about your project

Webinar: Digital Humanities with AM

In this webinar, Dr Ben Lacey, Head of Engagement, provides an overview of how you can use your AM collections for Digital Humanities scholarship. It includes a case study of one project that used a full-text data set, and examples of how instructors have applied the content of these collections in a more introductory way, focusing on digital presentation of student work.

Watch the webinar