Empower your students with the practical tools they need to understand and interact with primary sources.

Research Methods Primary Sources is an online learning tool for primary source literacy that can be used in classroom-based and online teaching, as well as for independent study.


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Bringing Primary Sources into the Classroom: Empowering Students to Think Critically

In this webinar we hear from speakers on how digital primary sources have been integrated into undergraduate education, consider the future direction of digital primary source collections, and discuss the evolving and vital role of the librarian in supporting primary source literacy.



Listen to Primary Source Literacy: Definitions and Approaches to Archival Material with CHOICE 360.

Episode 1
Episode 1

Definitions and Approaches to Archival Material

Episode 2
Episode 2

Understanding Embedded Power Structures

Episode 3
Episode 3

Research Methods Primary Sources

Episode 4
Episode 4

The Importance of Digitization

Comprising peer-reviewed essays, How-to guides and newly-commissioned video interviews, our learning tools introduce students to key concepts that underpin research in the humanities and social sciences, and share the core principles and practices for understanding and using primary sources:

  • How to critically evaluate a source
  • How to read digital archives
  • How to understand underrepresented voices in the archive
  • How to use digital tools such as data mining
  • Introducing types of archives
  • Experiences of working in archives

Over 140 case studies based on digitised sources demonstrate how to analyse, approach and interact with primary source material. Learn how subject experts work with specific types of sources such as correspondence, financial records and newspapers, or use source material to investigate themes such as revolution, indigenous histories or memory.

Research Methods Primary Sources includes hundreds of primary sources, drawn from AM Digital’s archival partners across the globe. This diverse set of historical documents enables students to put their primary source literacy skills into practice.

These present example cases for working with data in history from the presentation of a data set to understanding how to interrogate, interpret and use the data within.



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