Introducing AM

More than a name change and a new logo, AM represents who we are and what we do. It’s our values, our mission and our promise to customers. 

The way we look is changing, but our vision to place primary sources at the heart of education remains the same.

Building on our past

Adam Matthew has worked with libraries and archives for over 30 years. While we’re moving forward with a new name and visual style, we still want to celebrate our heritage.

Behind the new look, we're still the same dedicated team, inspired by the unique content we work with. Our passion for high-quality collections, sector-leading technology and personalised customer service won't change.

Looking to the future

The way people interact with primary sources and access archival material has evolved. From microfilm to AI technology, Adam Matthew has evolved too.

Now as AM, we’re reimagining what a primary source can be. Our new brand reflects our commitment to innovation, inclusion and improving educational outcomes. It marks the next phase of our journey, encapsulating the work that we do.

With AM you can discover award-winning archival collections, learn how to use them, or create your own.

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