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AM Quartex

Please complete the short form to request an AM Quartex platform demonstration and trial.

Step one: introduction

After you’ve submitted your request, we’ll schedule an initial call with an AM Quartex specialist. The 30 minute session will guide you through the platform features. The demonstration will be tailored to your specific goals, and you’ll see how institutions like yours are using Quartex to serve their user communities.

Step two: evaluation

When you’re ready to go further, an AM Quartex specialist will arrange your free trial. You’ll have access to a platform sandbox where you’ll be able to upload a selection of digitised assets and metadata. The simple starter site gives your team direct experience of using the platform to create showstopping digital collections. During the trial, we’ll provide all the support you need to evaluate Quartex and keep moving forward, including access to our community platform.

Not ready to trial?

If your project is at an early stage or you don’t have the time to commit right now, you can explore our sample site instead. We’ve selected content from award-winning AM primary source collections to highlight platform functionality and features. 

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