22 January 2020

Sonoma County Library, known nationally for innovation and connection to its local communities, has signalled its intention to preserve collections and make them easier for the public to access with an announcement today that it will begin using Adam Matthew Digital’s Quartex platform.


22 January 2020

World War Two Studies, the latest addition to Adam Matthew’s Research Source suite provides students and scholars with access to important primary sources relating to many aspects of World War Two.

14 January 2020

Explore the changing attitudes towards human sexuality, gender and sexual behaviours in America and beyond, throughout the twentieth century.


18 December 2019

Adam Matthew Digital was delighted to hold the first Digital Primary Sources Day, kindly hosted within the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds. The first of its kind, the aim of our Digital Primary Sources Day was to create a forum for discussion of primary sources and their use in teaching and research.

31 October 2019

Award-winning publisher, Adam Matthew Digital, is delighted to announce a major new collaboration with the internationally renowned Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) which will see key items in the RSC’s archive digitised and made accessible to the global academic community.


04 September 2019

Adam Matthew Digital today announces the publication of its latest digital collection: Ethnomusicology: Global Field Recordings.

27 August 2019

Quartex enables Loyola Marymount University to further library's mission of availability and accessibility of diverse digital collections.

07 August 2019

Adam Matthew Digital is delighted to announce today that University of Exeter has become the first European university to purchase its entire digital primary source portfolio of over 100 modules.


04 July 2019

Experience the events of WWII through the personal histories of those that lived through it.

06 March 2019

Wednesday 6th March 2019 - Archives from the world-renowned Shakespeare’s Globe are now available online, as part of a collaboration with award-winning primary source publisher, Adam Matthew Digital.

27 November 2018

Literary Print Culture, released in September 2017, made the archive of the Stationers’ Company, London digitally available to literary scholars and students.

21 November 2018

American Indian Newspapers, the vital new collection from Adam Matthew, provides digital access to 200 years of North American Indigenous journalism from a range of communities, historic pressings, and contemporary periodicals.

02 July 2018

Students and scholars can now explore three centuries of primary source material documenting extensive developments in gender roles and relations. The expansive collection offers sources for the study of women's suffrage, the feminist movement, the men’s movement, employment, education, the body, the family, and government and politics.

19 June 2018

Age of Exploration, a new digital primary source collection is now available from Adam Matthew Digital. This collection tells the story of European maritime exploration from the earliest voyages of Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus, through the age of discovery, to the race for the Poles.

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