Hans Anders

Hans Anders

Academic Outreach and Development Manager
+1 (917) 282-7676

Based in Chicago, I liaise with faculty members all across North America, securing expert scholarly feedback on our collections and identifying new project ideas and archival opportunities.

Our unique portfolio of products allows me to draw equally on my experience in academic publishing and my education in American History and Cultural Studies. Because of my background, I know firsthand the value of digital primary sources in enhancing both research and teaching, and have a genuine investment in our products’ content.

What I enjoy most about my role is the opportunity to be on the road, weaving close ties between Adam Matthew and the academic community at many of the finest higher education institutions in the world. Our meticulously sourced and contextualized collections spark new research and are multi-faceted teaching tools that help students develop their craft. That is why expanding the reach of our products is so satisfying to me. I work closely with our Editorial Development Team by visiting archives, assessing new content, and attending academic conferences.

With our dedication to quality, usability and service, Adam Matthew is at the forefront of publishing in the 21st century and I am proud to be able to showcase and develop our fantastic resources.