Emily Stallworthy

Emily Stallworthy

Academic Outreach and Content Specialist
+44 (0) 1672 529125

I have been at Adam Matthew Digital since 2018, working in Editorial where I assisted in the development of our collections by scoping out new and exciting archival material. I worked closely with the academic community to gain feedback and ensure that our resources are closely aligned with teaching and research needs. I am looking forward to the publication of the projects I worked on, in the coming years.

I have a degree in History and a Masters in the Culture of the European Renaissance, which means I have experience in the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate research. Enabling researchers to find exciting primary sources from all over the world, with the ability to search and browse in intuitive ways, is something I am enthusiastic about and forms the basis of my work.

I joined the Outreach team in 2021, where I continue to engage with faculty, students and librarians globally about the use of our collections. With my background in Editorial and experience in handling documents in the archives, I now have the opportunity to make sure these are used widely and to explore new ways of teaching through the use of digital primary sources. At Adam Matthew Digital we are committed to increasing engagement with historical documents and it is brilliant to work in a team so dedicated to this goal.

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