Sales and Outreach Team



Building strong relationships with faculty and librarians in Universities and schools internationally is a key part of the Sales role. Our established teams in the UK, US and Australia possess genuine passion and interest in humanities as well as solid communication skills, which enhances their ability to work with numerous librarians and faculty. Travel is a significant element and provides the opportunity to visit different areas of the world for meetings and conferences. Our Outreach team work closely with universities and colleges who have purchased our resources to help them get the most out of the content.

A Day in the Life: UK Sales Manager

I look after all higher education institutions in the UK. Every day in my role is slightly different as I spend most of my time travelling around the UK meeting with a range of universities. A typical day will start with faculty meetings where I meet with academics to learn more about their work and to discuss how our resources can be used to support their research and the curriculum. I then meet with the library to share details about our recent projects, give resource demonstrations and to hear more about the library’s current needs. Other days I am in the office working with colleagues from Editorial to learn more about upcoming projects and liaising with Sales Support about trials and usage statistics or I am out meeting with students at Outreach sessions to hear how they are using our resources and attending academic conferences.

A Day in the Life: Product Specialist & Academic Outreach

Outreach team giving a presentationMy role at Adam Matthew sits between the Sales, Marketing and Editorial teams and revolves around customer support, product training and helping increase usage of AM collections among all our customers. A typical day involves working with the sales team and editorial to solve product queries from customers or assisting researchers directly with their research. Outreach also lead on longer term projects such as carrying out thematic webinars, fostering data mining projects, and building teaching or research case studies for historical primary sources. We might also be working with Marketing on a new blog piece, video, webinar round table or white paper. Above all, it can be something different every day!

I love history and academia, and the ability to work in a stable job that still allows direct contact with historical documents and research is my idea of a dream job. On top of this, the people who work here are fantastic!
Academic Outreach

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