Platform Development


Producing our primary source collections involves a variety of technical tasks and challenges; from creating automated processes to transform thousands of scanned manuscript pages into a format suitable for the web, through to creating cutting-edge web-based functionality that best displays our unique content, and taking a beautifully designed concept from a designer and turning it into a living, breathing website.

A Day in the Life: Developer

Developer briefing other staff membersAs a web developer on the Quartex Team, my day is varied. The main premise is solving daily, weekly and monthly tasks (and problems) with code, teamwork and meetings. In addition to coding, there’s the setting up and maintaining of project infrastructure, securing and monitoring project infrastructure and working with the team to rapidly deliver Quartex updates. This is commonly known as DevOps. The big part of my day is picking up tasks in a Sprint. Here, I work with the team in creating new features or fixing existing bugs to make small manageable and testable changes to the Quartex platform. The remaining part of the day is usually spent on the research and development of new processes and documenting existing ones. There’s so much scope to learn new things. My favourite has been the Amazon Web Services and Docker Container Services.

Working at Adam Matthew has given me the responsibilities I need to continue growing as an employee. I have been able to strive towards a job that fits my skills and be part of a thriving company which brings new challenges every week.


Quartex is a platform built on modern, open source technologies enabling creators to digitise, index and present their own customisable collections as a seamless extension of their own website. This recently formed team are a group of inventive, passionate developers who have produced this innovative platform in a year using the very best of modern development tools and scalable cloud hosting.

I’m proud to be part of the Quartex team. I’ve seen this innovative project grow from strong ideas to a production ready web service in the seven months I’ve been here. This is down to a well-managed team and colleagues with strong development skills. Knowing that you’re part of this team in a modern company that will educate future generations is very uplifting.

If you would like to submit your CV for any future vacancies, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Exciting opportunity for a User Experience Designer - Join Adam Matthew Digital, a fast-paced, creative, and innovative digital publisher of primary sources for the academic market.

This is a new role that presents an excellent opportunity to join a growing team working on our ambitious Quartex platform, at an influential stage of development. As the first dedicated UX Designer employed by Adam Matthew Digital, the successful candidate will be instrumental in defining user experience as a business function, and will set the standard for UX research, design and delivery across the company.

To this end, we are looking for a dynamic and driven UX Designer with a passion for realising complex user needs through great design. This person will have a strong appreciation for users of digital archival content, including librarians, students, researchers and academic teaching faculty, and demonstrate exceptional creative talent for translating intricate challenges into simple, effective user journeys.

Exciting opportunity for a highly competent Senior Test Engineer to Join Adam Matthew Digital, a fast-paced, creative, and innovative digital publisher, with ambitious plans to scale the technology that underpins our publication products.

The mission of Adam Mathew Digital’s technology team is to ensure the fast, predictable, and uninterrupted flow of planned work that delivers value to the business, by delivering stable and secure software, and minimising the impact of unplanned work. We do this by continuously improving our Agile, Lean, and DevOps practices to build high quality software products that are valuable to our business.

As a Senior Test Engineer, you will play a leading role in continually improving our testing expertise by mentoring and coaching other members of the team, encouraging debate and experimentation, contributing to the technology roadmap, and refining our test strategy.

Being a market leader with a reputation for excellence, we search for exceptional candidates who share our passion and commitment. We provide a vibrant work environment in which we offer our employees the opportunities they are looking for, develop their skills, and support their career aspirations.