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Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice

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"This Slavery collection provides a unique means for students to comprehend the form of historical investigation by using images of the documents, manuscripts and images - not typed and transcribed renditions. The online site is exceptionally easy to navigate allowing the user to move easily from the documents to interpretive essays to images to bibliography, and I was startled to see the amount of documentation that Adam Matthew has managed to include. The site will be an asset to faculty who teach world history, U.S. history, British history, and Latin American history. Furthermore, the site will also prove useful to those of us researching the African Diaspora in the greater Atlantic world. I also suspect that faculty in African-American Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology will be glad to see the title added to their collections."

Professor Rachel O'Toole,

Department of History, UC Irvine

Designed for both teaching and research, this resource brings together documents and collections from libraries and archives across the Atlantic world covering an extensive time period from 1490. Close attention has been given to the varieties of slavery, the legacy of slavery, the social justice perspective and the continued existence of slavery today.

The project offers:

  • High quality images of many thousands of original manuscripts, pamphlets, books, paintings, maps and images not available elsewhere. Much of the illustrative content is provided in full colour.
  • A powerful portal with links to other significant online sources approved by leading scholars. These international sites are a very important aspect of this resource.
  • A series of contextual essays by leading authorities from around the world. Each essay has links directly to the primary sources it discusses.
  • Thematic and Court Record tutorials enabling students and teachers multiple pathways into the primary sources.

Recent additions to the resource focus on:

  • African forts and the Gold Coast
  • Brazil
  • Education and Social Justice
  • The Day Law in Kentucky
  • Family Papers, Correspondence, Bills and Plantation Journals from the Louisianna State University
  • Local court records relating to slavery for both Georgia and North Carolina
  • Resistance and Revolts
  • Slave cases decided in the Supreme Courts of Georgia and North Carolina
  • Slave testimony
  • Slavery in the Early Americas
  • Songs that recall the Transatlantic Slave Experience
  • Urban Slavery in New York and Philadelphia
  • The Underground Railroad in Pennsylvannia
  • Zanzibar and the Indian Ocean Slave Trade