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Leisure, Travel and Mass Culture - The History of Tourism

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Formerly 'History of Mass Tourism'

Discover the pleasures of nineteenth and twentieth century leisure travel and the growth of tourism for the masses.


Leisure, Travel and Mass Culture: The History of Tourism is a highly diverse collection taking the reader on a sumptuous tour of well-known, little-known and far-flung destinations unlocked for the average traveller between 1850 and the 1980s.

Bringing together collections from multiple archives, including Thomas Cook, the resource presents an untapped multi-national perspective on the evolution of affordable tourism essential for both students and researchers of social and cultural history.

Investigate the growth and expansion of travel agents and transport companies and the integral role they played in the accessibility of destinations across Britain, Europe, North America and around the World. Experience Blackpool’s famous illuminations; discover family entertainment on Coney Island; marvel at the natural wonders of Yosemite and Niagara or take an extended trip on a Pullman train and delve into the pleasures of sightseeing for nineteenth century, inter-war and post-World War Two society.

Key subject themes include:

  • Beachfront: Seaside and Coastal Destinations 

  • Historical, Cultural or Religious Tourism

  • Road, Rail and Automobile Travel

  • Children and Families

  • Women and Tourism

  • The Great Outdoors

  • Planning and Business

  • International Relations

  • Package Tours, Cruises and Organised Travel

  • Accommodation, Hospitality and Entertainment

  • Health and Medical Travel

  • Urban Tours and City Breaks