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Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969

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Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969 is the second of our complete online series of ‘Confidential Print’ documents issued by the United Kingdom Foreign and Colonial Office since c1820.

From the Egyptian reforms of Muhammad Ali Pasha in the nineteenth century, the Middle East Conference of 1921, the Mandates for Palestine and Mesopotamia and the Suez Crisis in 1956, to the partition of Palestine, post-Suez Western foreign policy and the Arab-Israeli conflict, Confidential Print: Middle East is a fundamental resource for academics, students and researchers studying the modern Middle East. These historical documents inform the volatile situation in the region today.

We include the following classes from The National Archives, Kew in their entirety:

  • CO 935/1-25 Middle East General, 1920-1956
  • FO 402/1-33 Afghanistan, 1922-1957
  • FO 406/1-84 Eastern Affairs (Middle East), 1812-1946
  • FO 407/1-237 Egypt/Sudan, 1839-1958
  • FO 416/1-113 Persia, 1899-1957
  • FO 423/1-70 Suez Canal, 1859-1947
  • FO 424/1-297 Turkey, 1841-1957
  • FO 437/1-9 Jordan, 1949-1957
  • FO 464/1-12 Arabia, 1947-1957
  • FO 481/1-17 Iraq, 1947-1969
  • FO 484/1-11 Lebanon, 1947-1957
  • FO 487/1-11 Middle East General, 1947-1957
  • FO 492/1-11 Israel/Palestine, 1947-1957
  • FO 501/1-10 Syria, 1947-1956

All documents are full-text searchable.

There is interesting material from the various committees on Mesopotamia and Palestine, on Transjordan and the military base at Aden, on Syria and the Lebanon, and on the Passfield Report of 1930 and the early phases of the Arab League after 1945.

Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969 is an Archives Direct project.

Please see this link for further information on our other Archives Direct collections.