Quartex is a platform specifically designed to showcase digital assets. It is an out of the box, hosted solution and no input is necessary from consultants or in-house developers. It has been built using open source technologies and incorporates cutting edge software developed by Adam Matthew. It allows easy ingest of assets and metadata from other platforms and repositories, cataloguing and asset management capacity, and bespoke configuration and branding of your websites.

Quartex launches in January 2018. Contact us to manage and showcase your digital assets.

Benefits for your library

  An ‘out of the box’ hosted solution - no input necessary from in-house developers or consultants

  Easy ingest of images and metadata from other platforms and repositories

  Built using open source technologies

  Audio and video files supported

  IIIF compatible image viewer

  Highly configurable front-end features and navigation

  Flexible branding and styling options

  Sophisticated cataloguing tools and search functionality

  Responsive front-end web design

  Can be used to manage and exhibit diverse collections and material types

  Flexible fee structure based on digital footprint and functionality

How it works

Adam Matthew is recognised as a leading, specialist publisher of primary source materials. For over 15 years we have been working closely with archives to digitise and publish material from their special collections. We appreciate the importance of generating and presenting rich metadata and features to complement primary source materials and to make collections both discoverable and accessible to a wide market. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of asset and data management, cataloguing experience and collection design has helped to inform all aspects of Quartex – a platform built to help archives create their own digital collections.

For more information contact info@quartexcollections.com

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